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Gena & Jean Genealogy Journey App Review

It's time for Cheryl's APP OF THE WEEK! - July 7 - 13, 2013 - This week I found a great mobile app created with the Infinite Monkeys app maker, it's The -Gena ...

Wacom Bamboo Spark Unboxing and Review

Gina's Wacom Bamboo Spark unboxing and review - a notepad which transfers your notes, scribbles and drawings from paper to screen at the touch of a button!

Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet vs. Softcard -- a mobile wallet review

Virtual wallets on smartphones will make your purchasing experience easier, more convenient and more secure than using traditional credit cards – that's what ...

iPad App Sprechende Giraffe Gina

Die sprechende Giraffe Gina spricht dir alles nach. Eine lustige App für Dein iPad.

Talking Gina The Giraffe - iPad (2) App

Played on an iPad 2 ;)

SchreckTeck 53: Gina has an App Attack!!!

Talking Tibbs The Cat iPhone App Review (FREE Apps) - CrazyMikesapps

Subscribe: Official iPhone App Review Web Site: iPhone App Download: Cost: FREE ...


Add me on beme! I'm "gina" there! I filmed this video pretty early this morning after watching Casey's Beme announcement vlog. I basically had a cup of jello and ...

Apple Smart Battery Case Review

So, does the Apple Smart Battery Case suck as much as everyone says it does? Well... MAIN CHANNEL- GAMING ...

Deepwater Horizon Movie Review

Film critic #NickDuncalf reviews action disaster movie #DeepwaterHorizon, starring #MarkWahlberg and #KurtRussell, for #60secondreviews. A team of oil ...